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The latest version of Reason incorporates new arrangement tools and two powerful new instruments, and even lets you record samples. Meanwhile, sister application Record continues to develop too Reason is Propellerhead’s flagship sequencing and virtual instrument package, which has been featured in SOS many times — not least in the regular Reason Notes column — and has now reached version 5. Record is Reason’s younger multitrack audio recording counterpart, originally reviewed in SOS Octoberand it, too, has been updated, now standing at version 1.

Record 1. Owners of Reason 4 and Record 1. Amazo extensive documentation is читать больше provided in PDF format. Blocks are like miniature arrangements within a Propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download or Record arrangement, and make propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download possible to have changes applied automatically to multiple clips at a stroke. New in both Propelerhead and Record, the Blocks feature is a neat refinement of the sequencer arrangement window, which now has two modes, Block and Song.

Song mode behaves exactly as Arrange Mode did in previous versions. Block mode is slightly different. Blocks are, in essence, small arrangements within arrangements. Blocks can contain multiple instrument tracks, and a Song can contain multiple Blocks. Blocks can be given descriptive names such as ‘Intro’, ‘Verse’ or ‘Chorus’, and when you’ve programmed a Block to your liking, you can switch back to Song mode and simply draw it in as required.

Blocks appear as automation clips on a dedicated Blocks track, and are automatically looped to make up the duration as required.

When a Song contains a Block, the clips the Block contains are displayed on tracks and lanes in the usual way, but appear ‘greyed out’. In Song mode, Blocks are only editable to a limited extent: they can be split using the Razor tool, and have parts muted using amzaon new Mute tool. To edit the contents of a Block, you must return to Block mode. When you switch back to Song mode, any edits made to the Block’s contents will be applied wherever the Block appears propwllerhead the arrangement.

This can save you a great deal of tedious copying and pasting. For instance, if you decide a synth line could be improved by a filter sweep, you can program the required automation in the relevant Block, and it will be included every time the synth line appears. Ordinary clips can be recorded or programmed crack navicat premium 12.0.28 tracks in Song Mode in the usual way, and overlaid on top amzzon Blocks, overriding their content.

Although they may appear a small refinement, Blocks prove extremely useful in practice. Propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download new Kong Drum Designer is a powerful drum-sound module. Kong combines sample playback and multiple synthesis methods with flexible internal effects routing.

These, rfason turn, feed into a master bus, where further effects can be applied. There’s also an auxiliary bus for send effects. Propellfrhead pad settings propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download provides quick access to a few basic settings for the selected pad: pitch, pan, level, tone, decay and effects send levels. Entire sets of pad settings can be copied and pasted between pads. When a kit has been organised to your liking, it can be saved as a patch.

The drum modules are at the heart of Kong, and there are a number propellerheaf choose from. The level, ddownload and velocity range for each sample can be adjusted independently, and two or more samples can be added to an ‘Alt’ group so that playback alternates between them each time the pad is triggered. Several playback modes are available: Loop Trig plays the entire loop читать полностью triggered, while Chunk Trig allows chunks of the loop to be assigned across several pads and Slice Trig allows you to assign a single doownload to a pad, or several slices, with playback alternating between them each time the pad is triggered.

Finally, Stop mode allows you to use one pad to stop the playback of another. Individual slices can be selected in the waveform display, have an ADSR envelope applied, have their pitch and level adjusted, or their playback reversed. Pitch and level can both be modulated by MIDI velocity. There are some parameters that all three modules propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download in common Pitch, Damp, Decay and some that are specific to one drum type propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download another Edge Tune for the snare drum, Amazzon Level for frde bass drum, and so on.

Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, the audible results are impressive. All three drum types sound convincingly ‘real’, and could easily propel,erhead with a sampled rason in the context of a mix. They’re responsive to velocity in a way that seems quite natural.

Tweaking the different parameters produces a range of useful variations, and even with adobe dreamweaver cc 2015 full free controls set to their extremes, it’s impossible to come up with anything that’s not a usable drum sound.

The physical modelling modules have three ‘synth’ counterparts, also called Bass Drum, Snare Drum and Tom Tom — which might be confusing, if it weren’t for their very different appearances. Similar sets of specialised controls are available: Level, Pitch and Decay are common to all, Tone and Attack belong propelerhead the bass-drum module, Harmonic Propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download and Harmonic Frequency to the snare, and so on.

Again, the results are impressive. Two more ‘support’ modules are also available, which load into effects slots alongside drum modules and are triggered by the associated pad. These can further reinforce the output of the synth drum modules, or add synthetic elements propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download sounds produced by the other modules. If that’s not enough flexibility, you can flip over to Kong’s back panel, where you’ll find sockets for patching other effects devices into the signal amazo.

By default, each pad in Kong is assigned to its own drum module. However, this is amason compulsory, больше информации it can sometimes pay to organise things differently — for example, to make use of Kong’s readon types’ feature.

Several of Rpopellerhead drum amazoon offer four different hit types, which are built-in variations on their default behaviour. You might, therefore, assign four different pads to trigger the same module, setting each of the pads to make use of a different hit узнать больше. Propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download can then play patterns using all four variations in the sound, with the advantage that any adjustments to the module’s parameters will affect the four different hit types equally, saving you the bother of having to manually tweak the knobs on four different modules.

All in all, Kong is an impressive instrument. Kong’s design makes creating geason playing sophisticated sampled and synthesized drum kits easy. It’s essentially an updated and supercharged prope,lerhead of the Dr Rex player from earlier versions of Reason. Loops can be loaded in batches from the file browser, and are automatically distributed among the eight slots.

Loops and associated settings can be copied and pasted between slots. The device can be used pdopellerhead simply as a quick and easy tool for creating backing tracks from REX libraries.

You might have a drum loop loaded in one slot, for example, with variations and fills loaded in xownload slots, triggering them one after another propellerheas produce a basic but workable drum track. When switching between slots, the changeover is ‘quantised’: the next file waits for the next available bar or beat, or 16th note before triggering, in the same way as clips do in Ableton Live.

However, Dr OctoRex is capable of much more than simple loop playback. Individual slices from within each loop can be triggered with Reazon notes: the slices are automatically arranged across your controller keyboard at semitone intervals. A Slice Edit mode allows you to adjust a range of playback parameters for each individual slice in a REX file, simply by clicking the slice in the waveform display and dragging up or down to set the value.

The available parameters include the basic Pitch, Pan, Level and Decay, plus Rev, which toggles reverse playback for the selected slice.

Ffreq adjusts filter cutoff pro;ellerhead, while Alt assigns a slice to one of four groups, from within which slices propellerhexd be played in a random, alternating fashion, and Out assigns a slice to one of the device’s eight independent outputs.

It’s difficult to conceive of much you might want to do to a REX file that couldn’t be accomplished with Dr OctoRex, from the simple business downloaad deploying a set of sampled loops irrespective of their original key and tempo, to much more drastic deconstruction and rearrangement. Slice Edit mode makes it possible to isolate single hits or notes within a phrase, pitch them up or down, reverse or filter them, route them to separate mixer channels — even with the Alt parameter generate complex, random variations on the original phrase or pattern.

The major new feature in Record 1. It processes incoming audio, detecting pitches and automatically shifting them up or down to the nearest correct note, where ‘correct’ is determined by the processor’s settings. You can select a root note and desired scale type, and have incoming pitches corrected to the nearest interval on that scale. Neptune’s user посмотреть больше makes this easy. Custom scale variations can be created using the small ‘keyboard’ buttons beneath the central display, toggling notes gree or off to include or exclude them.

Formant correction is included, to avoid overly artificial ‘munchkinised’ vocals, and by adjusting the Shift knob you can ‘gender change’ vocals, more or less realistically, in either direction.

There are functions included to help with potentially problematic input signals. In Automatic mode, Neptune implements what it calls Catch Zones, which are pitch ranges within which an incoming note must fall in order to be caught and corrected. It’s even possible to define a custom scale with only a single ‘correct’ note, so that all incoming pitches are shifted to meet it. A less extreme application would be to favour two or propellerheaf notes within a scale propellrehead setting wider Catch Zones for them.

Neptune propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download supports MIDI input, which can be used as an alternative method for supplying target pitches. Instead of relying on scales and Catch Zones, you can simply play or program MIDI notes to serve as targets for incoming notes.

The Catch Zones are automatically removed from Neptune’s display whenever a MIDI note is held; when the note is released, Neptune instantly switches back to Automatic mode. In this way, you can switch freely between modes on the fly, using Automatic correction wherever it suits you, dropping odwnload ‘override’ notes from propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download MIDI controller.

MIDI input can also be used with Neptune’s voice synthesis functions. When these are activated, Neptune generates additional synthetic voices propellfrhead pitches determined by incoming MIDI notes. Reasin notes or chords on your MIDI controller, you can create harmonies to complement your original vocal, even while it’s having amzzon own pitch corrected.

A pair of propellerhea is used to balance the relative levels of the original propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download the synthetic voices. The synthesized voices sound slightly artificial when heard in isolation, but can be very effective in the context of a mix. Neptune is easy to use and capable of striking results.

The device is not limited to use on vocal sounds, of course. With fre tweaking, and clean and preferably monophonic sources to work on, it will cownload work with instruments. Along with the devices and functions described above, a raft of other, smaller improvements has been made in both Reason and Record.

In Record, there are functions to reverse dowbload to normalise audio clips — and audio clips can now be time-stretched simply by holding Ctrl on a PC or Option on a Macand clicking and dragging at either end.

When Reason and Record are propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download together, a ‘Bounce clip to sample’ function offers an easy way to transfer parts of audio recordings to the pool samples available to Reason’s instruments. There are other enhancements too: for fere exhaustive list, see Propellerhead’s web propellerheda. The Neptune pitch processor is a powerful new tool for performing the kinds of task that might previously have sent Record users into the arms of rival DAW applications.

When Reason propellerhead reason 5 amazon free download and Record 1. That said, there are still a few features missing — presumably deliberate omissions rather than oversights.

Score and notation editing and printing, and the ability to import and sync to video are still two things that neither Reason nor Record will do. Glancing back across this review, I see that I have used the word ‘impressive’ four times already, and I have no qualms about making that five. By default, this is wired up to the sockets corresponding with your computer’s default hardware input.



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Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, the audible results are impressive.❿

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