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The Prime Academy is the most reputable and reliable Institute for digital marketing,In a tenure of more than 7 years, The Prime Academy has achieved many milestones. In terms of trust, we are the “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education” according to (WCRC).

All of our trainers have extensive experience in the field of digital marketing Providing training on everything from the basics to advanced, The Prime Academy covers all spheres of digital marketing course in ghaziabad with the latest tools and techniques and provides 15+ Globally Recognized Certificates.

Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of big brands through our placements and with the guidance of our Digital Marketing Course in ghaziabad experts. Our alumni are already working closely with many big brands and helping them grow in the digital world.

Take a career path in digital marketing, one of the most promising fields in the industry.

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How our Digital Marketing Course in Ghaziabad Designed

Our course is designe entirely into consideration the Next-Gen digital marketing scenario which provides insights on how to apply the latest technology and techniques in the most effective way.

The course is equipped with over 60+ Modules Each step of the course is carefully designed & created by experts. Apart from this you will be provided hands-on training, Live Projects, Doubt Solving sessions and assignments with each module. Excellent theoretical modules with the implementation of each nuance of the industry help you to understand the core concepts of digital marketing.

SEO, Google Algorithm, Social Media Optimization, Facebook and Instagram Marketing, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Email Marketing, And much more are on the menu. We ensure to keep you always up-to-date with the latest tools and evolving Industry trends. After finishing the Digital Marketing course in Ghaziabad you will be assisted With 15+ Globally Recognized Certificates such as Google, HubSpot, Semrush, and Placement Support from us that will enhance your professional reputation credentials.

The prime Academy covers every aspect of digital marketing course, whether you are a complete beginner Or unsure about your career. We guide you at every point of your digital marketing learning journey and make sure to align your knowledge with the industry according to your interest.

The Prime Academy Is 100% result-oriented and assures that after completion you will be aware/acquainted with every dimension of digital marketing.

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Why Should you choose Digital Marketing Course

In-Depth Learning

60+ updated modules, Hands-on training and Live project making Prime Academy Best. This is the most advance and updated Digital Marketing course in Ghaziabad,

Free Access to Tools worth Rs 50k+

Digital marketing is like digging a well in the desert without mastering digital tools, and we at Prime Academy ensure that all its students are dexterous with the digital tools used in the industry.

100% Placement Support

The Prime Academy helps you in Interview preparation and ensures 100% placement assistance after finishing the course And gives you an opportunity to get an immediate career boost.

Learn From the Experts

Learn from the industry experts and make your learning easy. Our trainers believe in imparting core industry knowledge and keep you up-to-date with every trend.

Globally Recognized Certificates

At the end of the course we provide you 15+ Globally recognized certificates, These certificates will help you land a job easily in any reputed company/firm

Benefits of Digital Markting Course in Ghaziabad

Digital marketing course in ghaziabad emerged as a new sector in recent years and it is expected to continue to grow more rapidly in the future.

We cannot underestimate the power of digital marketing in ghaziabad. It offers any business and individual the opportunity to expand globally with more profit in less time. It is estimated that the value of digital marketing in India will be close to 1 trillion by 2026 and the trend of 5G is yet to come.

Growing Internet users and expansion of technology have given rise to additional possibilities in the career of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future of marketing. As we mentioned, our course has been designed keeping in mind the upcoming future.

Eligibility for Digital Marketing Course

An applicant must have Minimum 10+2 qualification from any recognized board to join this Digital Marketing course.


To be honest, digital marketing doesn’t require any particular qualifications. Anyone who is passionate and curious about digital marketing or seeking to learn a profitable skill can pursue a digital marketing course in ghaziabad. Qualification is just because sometimes a company recognizes a degree as an eligibility criteria for employment.

Flexi Payment Option for Digital Marketing Course in Ghaziabad

Our advanced Digital marketing course covers each aspect of digital marketing and keeps you one step ahead with the latest Industry trend.

The features of our digital marketing course are mentioned below.

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Top Reason to Choose Prime Academy

This is the most advanced and organized digital marketing course in ghaziabad, which covers all aspects of internet marketing. This course helps you understand the nuances of the industry and develops practical skills step by step with each module.

  • 60+ Updated modules curated by Digital marketing Experts.
  • Comprehensive modules with hands-on practical on real projects.
  • Learn from the Industry’s top experts.
  • Get 15+ Globally Recognized Certificates.
  • Get hands-on experience with popular Digital Tools worth of 50,000+
  • 134 Batches & 3651+ happy students.
  • 100% placement Support to immediately kickstart your career.

Career Opportunities after Digital Marketing Course

The Internet has become a part of our life, it seems impossible to live without it. In such a case, it would not be wrong to say that digital marketing Course in Ghaziabad is the most promising career option today.

The growth of digital marketing after COVID-19 has been exponential. The number of Internet users is increasing day by day. The online audience in India is projected to reach 1,134.04 million users by 2025 (according to Statista).

Online businesses are building their presence and trying to meet the needs of the growing internet audience. With the growing trend of digitization, skilled digital marketers are in high demand.

 Take a look at the career opportunities after completing this Digital Marketing course-

SEO Specialist, Web Analyst, Content Writer, Content Marketer, Digital Marketing Executive, PPC Expert, SEO Executive, Inbound Marketer, Web Designer, Social Media manager etc.

The following are just a few options. After completing this course you can start your own business, work as a freelancer, or join any reputed company as well.

Digital Marketing Course in Ghaziabad Modules

• Digital Marketing Introduction
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• Digital Marketing Channels
• Digital Marketing Scope & Career

• Understanding Blog & Post
• Introduction To Blogger.Com
• Creating Post & Pages
• Customizing Theme & Setting

• Introduction To Domain & Hosting
• Introduction To WordPress
• Installing Themes
• Installing Plugins
• Creating & Designing Web Pages
• Using Elementor (Page Builder)

• Understanding E-Commerce
• Installing Woo – Commerce
• Product Listing
• Store Setup Setting

• Introduction To App
• App Types & OS
• Creating App Using Appypie

• Introduction To Canva
• Creating Logo
• Creating Social Media Post

• Introduction To Powtoon
• Creating Animated Video
• Creating Presentation Video

• What Is Search Engine
• Top Search Engines
• How Search Engine Works

• What Is SEO
• Types Of SEO

• What Are Meta Tags & Importance
• Meta Title
• Meta Description
• Meta Keywords
• URL Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Keywords / Keywords Density
• Bold / Italic / Underline
• Heading 1 To 6
• Anchor Text
• Page Load Time Optimization
• Image Optimization
• Favicon

• What Are Backlinks & Its Importance
• Precautions To Create Backlinks
• Domain & Page Authority
• Do Follow & No Follow
• Keyword In Anchor Text
• Where & How To Create Backlinks
• Business Directory Sites
• Social Book Marketing Sites
• Video Submission Sites
• PPT Submission Sites
• Image Submission Sites
• Blog Commenting
• Guest Posting
• Web 2.0

• What Is Sitemap & Importance
• What Is Robots.Txt & Importance
• What Is SSL & Importance
• What Is Schema & Importance
• What Is AMP & Importance
• 404 Error
• 301 / 302 Redirection
• Canonical Tag

• Local SEO Introduction
• Local SEO Ranking Factors
• Google My Business Setup

• Video Optimization Introduction
• Video Ranking Factors
• Youtube Studio Video Setup

• What Is Voice Search
• Introduction To Voice Search
• Voice Search Ranking Factors

• What Is Keyword & Keyword Research
• Tools Used For Keyword Research
• How To Use Keyword Planner
• Types Of Keywords

• What Is Google Algorithm
• Impacts Of Google Algorithm
• Panda
• Penguin
• Hummingbird
• Google Mobile-Friendly Update
• Pigeon
• SandBox
• Google RankBrain
• Google Possum
• Google Fred

• White Hat SEO Techniques
• BlackHat SEO Techniques
• Gray Hat SEO Techniques

• Introduction To Competitor Analysis
• Tools For Competitor Analysis

  • On- Page SEO Audit Reports
  • Off- Page SEO Audit Reports

• What Is Social Media Optimization
• Social Media Optimization Concepts
• Facebook Business Page Optimization
• Instagram Business Account Optimization
• Twitter Account Optimization
• Linkedin Business Page & Account Optimization
• Quora Account Optimization

• What Is Social Media Automation
• Tools Used For Social Media Automation
• Schedule Post & Connect Social Channels

• Creating Social Media Calendar List
• Monthly

• What Is Lead
• Methods To Generate Traffic
• Landing Page Optimization
• Understanding Thank You Page

• Basic Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Introduction To Ad Manager
• Types Of Ads (Ad Manager)

• Introduction To Quora Marketing
• Types Of Ads (Quora Ads)

• Introduction To Linkedin Marketing
• Types Of Ads (Linkedin Marketing)

• Introduction To Twitter Marketing
• Types Of Ads (Twitter Marketing)

• What Is Influencer Marketing
• Case Study Of Influencer Marketing

• What Is Remarketing
• Benefit Of Remarketing
• Creating Of Remarketing Campaigns

• Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
• Concept Of PPC
• Understanding Bidding Strategy
• Types Of Ad Extension
• Ad Group Setup
• Types Of Keywords
• Dynamics Ads
• Quality Score
• Ad Rank

• Introduction To Online Display Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Understanding Ad Group
• Creating Responsive Ads

• Understanding Shopping Campaign
• Creating Merchant Center Account
• Adding Product To Merchant Account
• Creating Shopping Campaign

• Introduction To Video Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Audience Targeting
• Creating Video Campaign

• Introduction To App Marketing
• Bidding Strategy
• Creating App Campaign

• Introduction To Discovery Ads
• Bidding Strategy
• Audience Targeting
• Creating Discovery Ads

• Introduction To Growth Hacking
• Case Study Of Growth Hacking

  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • Types Of Content Format
  • Creating Dynamic Content

• What Is ORM
• Importance Of ORM
• Review & Complaints

• What Is Email Marketing
• Benefits Of Email Marketing
• Creating Subscriber List
• Creating Template
• Reporting

• What Is SMS Marketing
• Benefits Of SMS Marketing
• Types Of SMS
• Reporting

• Importance Of Whatsapp Marketing
• Benefit Of Whatsapp Business
• Setup Of Whatsapp Business

• Introduction To Search Console
• Submitting Sitemap
• Submitting International Targeting
• Understanding Organic Performance

  • What is Google Analytics
  • Importance To Google Analytics
  • Real Time Traffic
  • Audience
  • Acquations
  • Behaviors

• What Is Blogging
• Topic Selection
• Formats Of Blogging
• Monetization

• What Is Google Adsense
• How To Apply For Google Adsense
• Adsense Policy

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Apply For Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategy For Affiliate Marketing

• What Is Dropshipping
• Understanding Dropshipping Concept
• Case Studies Of Dropshipping

• What Is Freelancing
• How Freelancing Works
• How To Quote Client
• How To Get Clients
• Creating Freelancing Portfolio

• Creating Resume
• Portfolio Building

• Interview Question

• 1 On 1 Mock Test

• Client Presentation

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